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Monica Bielanko
A chronicle since 2005 of my marriage & move to Brooklyn in my twenties; becoming a mother in my thirties; moving to Pennsylvania and learning to amicably coparent after divorce in my forties while living 3 doors down from my ex-husband in a small country town.
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Wherein I Admit I Am Conflicted About Breastfeeding

I remember rocking the glider I was sitting on to the tuneless wheezing of the electronic breast pump and those wordless shouts for help. An exhausted one-woman-band.
“NEED” (pump wheeze/glider slides back) “SLEEP” (pump wheeze/glider slides forward).
“HATE” (pump/glider) “THIS” (pump/glider).
It’s funny, but just remembering that noise, the wheezy medical instrument that helped articulate the conflicted thoughts in my brain during breastfeeding the first time, has me pondering breastfeeding this next baby.
That's what I'm babbling about today.