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An Open Letter To The Deadbeats

GotDAMN but this sumbitch can WRITE! - Monica

Adele is in the news again, this time talking about her 48-year-old father.

Or her lack of one.

The 23-year-old Grammy champ says that her days of trying to get a bit closer to her estranged dad are over and that should she happen to run into him, she ā€œwill spit in his face,ā€ according to an interview in Vogue magazine.

This is a shame too, because what a thrill it would be to be in your young 20s, and to be able to share the rarest of lives, of success stories, with your dad. I can hardly think of the prospect of anything cooler in this world.

And yet, she has her reasons, Iā€™m certain.

Being abandoned by an alcoholic dad hurts like hell.

I should know...

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